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TCG in Books (some of the publications on the TCG management model)  

The Possible Dream. Fritz, P. and Ellercamp, P. - Penguin, 1987

TCG Sustainable Economic Organisation Through Networking. Mathews, J.A. and Griffiths, A. - The University of NSW, 1992

"TCG R & D Networks". Mathews, J.A. - Journal of Industry Studies I (1), 1993

"TCG Network Organisation". Catching the Wave. Mathews, J.A. - Allen & Unwin, 1994

Fit, Failure and the Hall of Fame. Miles, R. E. and Snow, C.C. - California Management Review, 26 (3), 1994

"Organising in the Knowledge Age: Anticipating the Cellular Form". Miles, R. E., Snow, C.C., Mathews, J.A. and Miles, G. - Academy of Management Executive, 11 (4), 1997

Beyond Yes. Fritz, P., Parker, A. and Stumm, S. - Harper Business, 1998

Fast Forward Leadership. Essex, L. and Kusy, M. - Pearson Education Ltd, 1999

The Strategy Process. Mintzberg, H. and Quinn, J.B. - Prentice Hall, 2000

The Miles, R. E., Snow, C.C. and Miles, G. - Long-Range Planning, 2000

The Profit Principle. Fritz, P. and Douglas, J.-V. - John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd, 2010

Peter Fritz' s blog on Open Forum, 2008-2015

Managing for Change. Fritz, P. and Howarth, B. - TCG Publications, 2014

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