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September 2014  

Australian Society for Progress & Wellbeing
Launched at NSW Parliament House at the GAP 5th Annual Growth Summit, the Society is a member-based organisation through which like-minded people can champion the concepts of progress and wellbeing. It provides a forum where key stakeholders can engage, influence and advocate change with the aim of ensuring concepts of progress and wellbeing are integral to the thinking and decision making of individuals, communities, business and governments. For more information about the Society and how to become a member, please visit its website at

GAP "Second Track" Taskforces 2007-2015
GAP taskforces are underpinned by a process called the "Second Track". It streamlines previously ad-hoc mechanisms for stakeholder engagement in government consultation and decision making. A "Second Track" Process brings together creative thinkers from relevant sectors - government, business, academia, non-government organisations and consumer groups - with a likeminded approach to resolving the issues positively and driving practical outcomes. Working collaboratively, these groups identify problems, initiate discussions, prepare white papers, develop solutions and oversee their implementation. GAP has pioneered and effectively used the "Second Track" Process in areas of knowledge capital, participative democracy, telecommunications regulation, urban water pricing, low carbon economy, social investment, health policy, evidence-based medicine, pharmacogenomics and others. For more information, visit the GAP website.

April 2012
NSW Strata Laws Online Consultation

With the support of NSW Fair Trading, GAP facilitated a highly successful online consultation on strata laws from 15 December 2011 to 29 February 2012. Hosted on Open Forum, the consultation saw 1,230 individual comments on four key questions and 25 blogs. Overall, almost 600 suggestions for procedural change or law reform were put forward by participants. The most cited issues concerned the procedures and standards of governance in strata, antisocial behaviour, pets, smoking and parking. GAP's final report on the consultation was used by NSW Fair Trading to further progress its strata legislation reforms. A final bill on strata title law reform which contains some of the key recommendations from GAP's community consultation is expected to be introduced to Parliament. If passed, the proposed legislation represents the most significant social reform in strata since 1961.

November 2011
National Standing Committee on Cloud Computing (NSCCC)

The Committee was established in response to one of the key recommendations of the 2011 GAP Taskforce on Cloud Computing. Comprised of federal and state government agencies, industry leaders, the research community and advocacy groups, all represented at a senior executive level, NSCCC meets three times a year. It seeks to identify national and global opportunities for Australia arising from the adoption of Cloud computing, including implications for businesses and consumers. It also serves as an advisory group to all levels of government. In 2012, The Committee consulted the Australian Government on the development of the first National Cloud Computing Strategy, launched at CEBIT on 29 May 2013. The Strategy is an integral part of the Digital Economy White Paper, released by the Australian Government at the Digital Productivity Conference in Brisbane on 13-14 June 2013.

International Complex Project Management Taskforce

GAP, in collaboration with the International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM), established this Task Force in 2010 to assist in the development of an international report on complex project management. Members of the Taskforce included eminent representatives from 35 of the world's most forward-thinking organisations. The outcome was the publication of a tiered set of documents "Complex Project Management - Global Perspectives and the Strategic Agenda to 2025", comprising a Report and a Compendium of Working Papers created to stimulate debate and encourage stakeholder investment into a dedicated CPM research centre. This work led to the development of a proposal for a CRC for Managing Complex Projects and Programs led by ICCPM and involving the Queensland University of Technology, Sydney University, University of Technology Sydney and University of Adelaide, with other institutions offering their skills in engineering and systems.

September 2010
National Economic Review: Australia's Annual Growth Summit

The Summit featured keynote addresses by the Hon. Wayne Swan MP, Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer, Australian Government; the Hon. Eric Roozendaal MLC, Treasurer, Minister for State & Regional Development, Minister for Ports & Waterways, Minister for the Illawarra, Special Minister of State, NSW Government; and by international guest speaker Mr Jonathan Coppel, Economic Counsellor to the Secretary General of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). On 17 September 2011, the Sydney Morning Herald, Herald Sun, The Australian, CIO Magazine, ComputerWorld, SkyNews, the Australian Financial Review and other media reported on Treasurer Swan's keynote speech at the Summit's opening dinner. A full transcript of the speech can be reviewed at the Treasury Ministers Portal. In an interview with The Australian, the Summit's keynote speaker Jonathan Coppel said Australia needed to address its "low productivity performance", which was well below the level of the top OECD nations, and identified the lack of spending on infrastructure as one of the reasons behind Australia's fall-off in productivity. <<

August 2009  
  GAP Urban Water Forum Report
On 4 August, the Hon. Dr Mike Kelly AM, Parliamentary Secretary for Water, released a new report "Urban Water: A vision for national progress" at Parliament House in Canberra. The report represents the output of the GAP Urban Water Forum - a group of key officials and regulators from the Commonwealth, New South Wales and Victorian governments, as well as the water industry, brought together to address the major challenges facing the urban water sector. The report outlines their vision for urban water pricing, investment and regulation which would support the long term economic, environmental and social needs of Australia in the context of a changing climate. <<
  May-June 2009  
  National Human Rights Online Consultation
Between 19 May - 26 June 2009 the National Human Rights Online Consultation, hosted and facilitated by Open Forum, received 12,622 visits and gathered nearly 500 contributions. It was the third Government online consultation trial conducted in partnership with AGIMO, and the first outsourced to an independent supplier. The success of the consultation demonstrates the willingness of the Australian public to participate in online debate with government mandated bodies. The outcomes, recommendations and lessons learned during the consultation provide a useful reference for the future development of government online engagement with the community. <<
  May 2009  
  First 5000 - an emerging business alliance for leading Australian SMEs
This new ambitious project of GAP will connect a highly successful, but disparate group of business leaders who have a crucial role to play in the Australian economy and job growth. Membership in First 5000 is free and by personal invitation only, while partnership opportunities are exclusive to a single organisation in each industrial sector. <<
  March 2009  
  GAP Annual Stakeholder Report
Global Access Partners has released its first official report to stakeholders for the period from 2002 to 2008. The document summarises the progress and significant achievements the company has made over the last six years in relation to its strategic objectives, and outlines its plans for future development. <<
  February 2009  
  National Consultative Committee on "Second Track" Processes
GAP is proud to announce its newest consultative committee, the National Consultative Committee on 'Second Track' Processes, which was officially endorsed at the GAP Congress on Regulatory Affairs in September 2008. The Committee will focus on developing pilot 'second track' initiatives which will contribute to the development and implementation of public policy in Australia. <<
  October 2008  
  Better Regulation blog with the Hon. Lindsay Tanner MP
GAP's virtual discussion site Open Forum was chosen by the Finance & Deregulation Minister Lindsay Tanner as a platform for his Better Regulation Blog. <<
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